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Defoaming Solutions 

Crusader Chemical offers a large range of defoaming agents to combat foam in today's dipped goods and industrial waste water processes. Our custom line of defoamers WEBNIX® FREESIL® and FOAMNIX® have succeeded in outlasting the competition for over sixty years as the brand of choice for many of today's leading glove and other dipped goods and coating manufactures. Crusader Chemical undertands today's challanges and offers custom solutions which are in many cases matched to the individual manafactues needs and processes. 


Crusader’s WEBNIX line of defoamers are silicone based emulsions used for multipurpose defoaming effective in industrial, cosmetic, medical and coating application. All WEBNIX products contain food or medical grade silicone which enables them to meet the regulatory requirements for a broad spectrum of applications. WEBNIX emulsions allow air to be released and weaken the bubble wall promoting rapid bubble dissipation. Crusader’s WEBNIX defoamers act as anti-foam agents, web breakers and deaerators. WEBNIX products are non-hazardous, non-toxic process additives that promote mechanical efficiency and good film quality

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FREESILS are silicone free, protein free defoamers designed for maximum efficiency and economy. Our line of FREESILS are non-hazardous and non-toxic, long-lasting concentrated solutions. FREESILS products emulsify readily in water and can be further diluted to suit low dosage requirements of varied latex formulas. FREESILS also disperse easily in calcium nitrate and calcium chloride coagulant systems. Freesils can be used as a general purpose defoamer in situations where silicone based products are undesirable. The ability to perform in both aqueous and solvent based formulas enables this product to be used in multiple application and situations. Freesils were designed to comply with FDA Indirect Additive Requirements: 21 CFR 175.300, 176.210, 175.105, 177.2600, 178,3400.

Waste water treament


FOAMNIX is a highly concentrated non-toxic non-hazardous, protein free product designed to emulsify in water and rapidly fight foam. This product is effective in industrial wastewater treatment, pre-treatment, , effluent streams and general purpose wastewater discharge. FOAMNIX products are silicone free solutions and are ideal for general industrial application.

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